Female Founders
for Fashion


We. Are. Women.

We are Female Founders for Fashion.

We believe in enabling women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry – to become even better women entrepreneurs.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by the three female founded brands Akenberg and Studio Heijne, Female Founders for Fashion is rooted in the desire to empower women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, and to create a space where women business-owners can seek guidance and collaborate alongside like-minded women.


By joining forces, we aim to support, inspire, share and learn from one another, and to be part of this growing #womensupportingwomen initiative to foster successful and thriving businesses in the fashion industry. 

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Our Founders


Akenberg is a Swedish design house designing
handcrafted accessories and sunglasses in limited edition.

Founded by AnnKathrin Lundqvist and Jenny Olsson, the brand’s ideology is to avoid mass production and create sustainable design products inspired by the arctic nature and lifestyle. Their vision is to make every individual feel strong, special and unique offering an elevated selection of elegant coolness to work into your daily uniform.

Studio Heijne

Studio Heijne is a Stockholm-based fashion brand founded by Wendy Heijne. This sustainable brand offers stylish and unique garments with a perfect fit, FOR REAL.

The clothes are designed and produced according to the customer’s measurements and specific choice of details. In the collection you will find ecological jeans, wool suit trousers and blazers, silk dresses, tops, silk scarves and face masks, amongst others.  

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Our Members

Irmas Fabric tote

Irmas Fabric

Irmas Fabric is a new Swedish company that designs and manufactures attractive, functional, and environmentally friendly bags for everyday occasions.

Founded by Karin Sandstedt, its mission is to create bags out of sustainable materials that will only look better with time. Using innovative materials and having a sustainable mindset throughout the whole process, their bags combine quality, user-centric and timeless design.


Tripulse is a new Sweden based sustainable activewear brand founded by Franziska Mesche. Instead of using conventional synthetic fabric, Tripulse uses innovative natural material with excellent performance features which benefits people’s health and our planet.

Tripulse has a holistic approach to sustainability and their products combine quality, comfort and performance with a user-centric and timeless design. All clothes are ethically made in Europe. 

Our Values






Our Vision

The fashion industry is ready for a makeover. Although it is rapidly evolving in terms of digitalisation and sustainability, we need to step up on equality within ownership – and see more women in fashion power positions.

Despite the growing number of women founding their own companies and creating their own brands, they are still held back. Many times, facing challenges and obstacles such as limited funding (finance is one of the major problems faced by women entrepreneurs, regardless of industry), not having the right network, lack of knowledge and experience of how to navigate in the competitive fashion industry.

We want to change that.

We want to see more women reach their goals, expand their businesses on a larger market, and succeed.


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Our vision is to give these women the network, the knowledge, the support, the inspiration and the guidance from other members to thrive in the fashion industry, no matter of far they have come on their start-up journey. Through our female-powered community we can help build successful and sustainable businesses, and thus, a more equal future.

We stand for equality, equal opportunity, and the right to be a total badass. We stand for empowerment. To determine our destiny, our path forward and who we bring along for the ride.

Because we are women. We are Female Founders for Fashion.

Our Community


Female Founders for Fashion collaborate in different ways, such as live-shopping events, joint showrooms and external collaborations. Here are a few of our recent ones.
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Studio Heijne x Akenberg
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Join us

Do you represent a female founded brand, share our vision and would like to be part of our network? Please fill in the contact form and we will send you more information about how our membership works.


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